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Marty Fukuda with N2Publishing and Dana Vizneau with blue dog Network

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Marty Fukuda – N2Publishing

As Chief Operating Officer of N2 Publishing since 2011, Marty oversees operations at N2’s corporate headquarters in Wilmington, NC. He joined the company in 2008 as an Area Director, and prior to his career in N2, Marty was in the direct sales and print industries. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and is originally from Chicago. Marty resides in Wilmington with his wife Meagan. Hobbies include boxing, reading and skiing.

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Dana Vizneau – blue dog Network

Dana is the mastermind behind blue dog NETWORK, one of the fastest growing, innovative cloud computing technology companies in the world. Since 2006, blue dog NETWORK has provided clients around the globe with private cloud computing services, such as dedicated and virtual hosting, email, collaboration, backup, disaster recovery, business continuance, class A data storage with 14 geographically specific data centers and remote access to non-web enabled software.

Dana developed blue dog NETWORK as an evolution from managed services utilizing cloud computing with a SaaS, HaaS delivery model. She continues to evolve the new company towards the future of technologies. Named as the “Most Innovative Company” by TechNews for its deployment of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the next generation of cloud computing, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Dana brings over two decades of engineering innovation to the helm of blue dog NETWORK.

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Wilmington Business RadioX Special Edition: Voice of Business


On this month’s Voice of Business, show host and The Wilmington NC Chamber of Commerce President, Connie Majure-Rhett and Co-Host Scott Czechlewski welcomed guests  Dr. Tim Markley and Ann David to discuss the education bond to be voted on November 4th 2014.


New Hanover County’s School Superintendent- Dr. Tim Markley

Dr. Tim Markley comes to us from Catawba County Schools. He began his career in Cumberland County serving as a high school history teacher, principal fellow and high school principal. His superintendent experience includes serving 2 years in the White Mountains Regional School District in New Hampshire, in addition to his tenure at Catawba County. Dr. Markley has won several awards during his career as a superintendent.
Dr. Markley received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of NC at Pembroke, a Masters in School Administration from Fayetteville State University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.
 Dr. Markley enjoys spending time in the schools meeting the students and staff. 

Ann David-Co-Chair of the New Hanover County Schools (NHCS) 2014 Bond Committee

Stephen Bon with Bon’s Eye Marketing and Matt Ham with “Redefine Rich”


Stephen Bon-Bon’s Eye Marketing

The president and founder of Bon’s Eye Marketing, Stephen Bon possesses more than 10 years of experience in news and feature writing as well as graphic design, editing and marketing strategy. He was awarded by the American Institute for Graphic Arts (Raleigh/Charlotte Chapter) for his cutting-edge design and layout. He’s also received past honors for writing by the North Carolina Press Association.

Before spearheading the full-service, award-winning Bon’s Eye Marketing four years ago, Stephen worked for a firm that helped clinical research organizations (CROs), manufacturers and product development companies in the pharmaceutical industry build up their client bases. In this role, Stephen assisted in the creation and management of a number of lead-generation strategies and marketing campaigns.

Prior to his time on the pharmaceutical scene, he served as the editor for the Greater Wilmington Business Journal for nearly three years. There, he wrote in-depth news stories geared toward the business sector and designed the publication’s pages. Stephen’s responsibilities included managing writers and all things editorial, creating monthly news budgets and promoting the publication within the community.

Aside from his position as the Journal’s editor, he’s worked as a legal reporter, features writer, political reporter, copy-desk editor and layout artist. His award-winning writing has appeared in a number of publications across the state of North Carolina.

In addition to his written work, Stephen routinely serves as a guest speaker at a number of civic functions. His past discussions covered subjects such as writing to a target audience, marketing a business, online marketing, and using the media to improve PR. This, coupled with his regular appearances on broadcast / radio shows and seminar panels keeps him in the public spotlight.

Through Bon’s Eye Marketing, Stephen aims to change the approach, look and style of marketing. His no-template philosophy forces the team to constantly strive for innovation when dealing with individual clients. As Bon’s Eye Marketing forever ramps up operation, it continually recruits only the most talented and experienced professionals in the trade.

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Matt Ham

Matt Ham is dedicated to guiding others toward rich living.  His own experiences have led him to the understanding and freedom of a rich life, and through his RICH Principles he helps folks uncover true richness, identifying real treasure and discovering true joy and contentment.

A successful small-business owner ranking in the top 1% of all agents in his industry, Matt’s proudest title is that of husband and dad.  Matt and his wife, Liz, have three sons under the age of three, of whom the younger two are identical twins.  As an avid triathlete, Matt trains and competes in races of various distances throughout the year, including the Half Ironman.  Matt holds a degree in Communications with minors in Religious Studies and Statistics, from North Carolina State University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.  Matt and his family make their home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Joe Finley with Castle Branch and Jessie Williams with Edge of Urge and Sandra Bates with The Innovation Partners

castle branch

Joe Finley-President of Castle Branch 

Castle Branch, one of the top 10 background screening and compliance tracking solutions companies in the nation, provides organizations of all sizes with industry leading employment screening products and services.

With a wide array of background screening, drug testing and compliance management solutions for your entire workforce, we have what you need to make safe and informed hiring decisions.

A true industry leader, we remain at the forefront of technology continually offering new products and services that make a real difference in people’s lives.

As an accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), CastleBranch is held to the highest standards in the industry – less than five percent of screening providers hold this accreditation.

Jessie Williams – Founder of Edge of Urge 

 Never one to pass up the opportunity for adventure, in 2002, Jessie Williams packed up her belongings and moved from Chicago to Wilmington, North Carolina. Opening up shop in a tiny 400-square foot space (let’s be honest, it was a storage closet), Jessie started selling handmade clothing accessories designed by her and her friends.  Offering up a valuable retail space to other local designers, her business model would act as a launch pad for like-minded, risk-taking, passionate, some people may call them crazy, designers, creators, and artists.

Sandra Bates- CEO and Founder of The Innovation Partners

Sandra Bates is an international speaker, author and consultant in the field of innovation and social innovation.  She has worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as start-ups, with non-profits and government agencies.  She was a major contributor to the book What Customers Want (McGraw-Hill 2002) and is the author of The Social Innovation Imperative (McGraw-Hill 2012).  She is a board member for the Edison Awards (international innovation award organization), TICBioMed (Murcia, Spain), and a co-creator of Franchise for Humanity (Palo Alto).

She moved to Wilmington two years ago from Austin, TX.